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“Our goal, every time, is to provide our couples with an honest, genuine, reliable experience and service.”


Hi, I’m Brian PERRY!

The truth is, I was never that guy with a camera in my hand that lived, breathed, and died film. I never went to film school; I went to business school. MY PASSION IS PEOPLE AND BUSINESS.

Creativity for me started in Junior High when I began writing music. I never wanted to just cover other people’s songs; I wanted to write my own. In this business, being creative for people on the biggest day of their life and giving them an UNFORGETTABLE EXPERIENCE is what it is all about.

I freakin’ love what I do.

Ryan SatterFIELD

Hi, I’m Ryan SatterFIELD!

I am our LEAD EDITOR and most of the time you will find me behind the desk of my computer breaking down footage, searching through music bed, color grading or enjoying a nice salmon salad for lunch (I’ve got to eat sometime right).

Since we started our business I have only had one thing on my mind… it’s to simply MAKE PEOPLE HAPPY. I want to give people something they would have never dreamed was possible and capture a moment in time for them that will be one of the most joyous occasions in life. Being able to see and hear those special moments is truly special to me. I am a romantic at heart and I think that shows in the edits. Leveraging the strengths of each unique day that we shoot is like making a work of art every time. THAT NEVER GETS OLD TO ME.